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AC S0-1000 Elegance


Product description

Internal water tank made from high quality food-grade stainless steel, Operates using energy efficient and low noise working parts, the water cooler complies with plumbing and electrical codes and is NRCS (SABS) & CE certified.

In-line Water Filter & Dispenser


Product description

This plumbed-in water filter and dispenser is perfect for the home or office. Featuring a 4 stage filtration system, you can ensure to quench your thirst with only the purest drinking wate

French Door Refrigerator


Product description

Get the most out of your refrigerator space with the ultra-modern 436L French Door Refrigerator. With wide shelving perfect for different sized platters, you can entertain guests with confidence that you won't run out of space. The refrigerator also comes with special no frost technology, eliminating the need to defrost regularly

side by side Refrigerator 490L


Product description

Midea's 490L Side by Side Fridge adds a modern touch to your kitchen with clean design lines, innovative fast cooling technology and a handy plumbed-in water dispenser and ice maker

Fin oil heater


Product description

Stay warm and toasty throughout winter with the Midea 13 Fin Oil Heater featuring an adjustable thermostat plus a built-in safety tip-over switch. The fan assist function heats a room rapidly by extracting cold air and releasing warm air, making this a must-have energy efficient addition to your home this Winter.

Deluxe oil heater


Product description

Take control of your comfort with the stylish black and silver Midea 13 Fin Oil Heater without having to move a muscle, thanks to its electronic control with remote and 3 work modes.