Here’s 5 reasons Aquacool recommends bottled water!

Keeping your refrigerator stocked with bottled water is a quick and convenient way to fulfill your body’s hydration needs. Although it doesn’t take much time or effort to fill a glass with water from the tap or a pitcher, grabbing a bottled water from the refrigerator is even quicker. Bottled water can be easily tossed in your purse or workout bag, and it provides a more spill-proof option than traditional cups when working at your desk.

Track Your Intake
To keep the body properly hydrated it is recommended that you drink six to eight 8 glasses of water per day. And while that recommendation seems quite simple to follow, it can be a bit challenging to keep track of how much water you’re actually drinking. But a bottle of water’s label clearly indicates the volume of water you’re drinking.

Taste- and Odor-Free
Water from the tap occasionally has an unpleasant taste or odor, such as a metallic taste or sulfurous odor. Typically, bottled water has no recognizable aromas or flavors.

If plain water isn’t your preference, bottled water manufacturers offer an array of options. Flavored waters may tantalize your taste buds with essences of fruit, mint, cucumber or coconut — just be sure the sweetened beverages aren’t packed with sugars or calories

Emergency Preparation
The Emergency Management Agency recommends that every household set aside at least three days’ worth of bottled water for each member of the family. In an emergency or disaster situation, such as a tornado, winter storm or hurricane, access to clean water may be limited.

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