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6 things that can happen to your body when you don’t drink enough water

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While there is much talk about how much water one should drink per day (most experts suggest around two litres) have you ever thought what would actually happen to your body if you don’t get [...]

All you need to know about the Aquacool Hot & Ice Water Dispenser.

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Clear, Constant, Refreshing Chilled Water On Tap from our environmentally friendly SABS certified & approved locally made water cooler. It has a heating system and has rated watts of 450w. Overheating Protection – Safety Cut [...]

Here’s 5 reasons Aquacool recommends bottled water!

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Convenience Keeping your refrigerator stocked with bottled water is a quick and convenient way to fulfill your body's hydration needs. Although it doesn’t take much time or effort to fill a glass with water from [...]