All you need to know about the Aquacool Hot & Ice Water Dispenser.

Clear, Constant, Refreshing Chilled Water On Tap from our environmentally friendly SABS certified & approved locally made water cooler.

  • It has a heating system and has rated watts of 450w.
  • Overheating Protection – Safety Cut Off
    Tank Capacity – 2.2 litre (304 stainless steel)
  • A Refreshingly Different Water Service
  • Only a Leading Technology can serve you Clean & Pure Water.

Hi tech 5 steps purification mechanism

1st Sediment filtration
2nd Pre-carbon filtration
3rd UF membrane filtration or R/O membrane filtration or Ceramic filtration.
4th Post-carbon filtration
5th UV sterilization (optional)

Call Aquacool today for more information or to order your Hot & Ice Water Dispenser.

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