6 BIG Reasons You Need To Drink More Water This Summer

We all know that water is essential for life and staying hydrated keeps our body functioning at its best but now that summer is upon us it is more important than ever before that you drink up!

Warmer temperatures see us sweating more, then turning on the air conditioning which dries our skin and then seizing the opportunity to sit out in the sun which can cause heat stroke, sun burn and heat exhaustion. It’s no wonder that we need to drink even more water in the summer.

Here are 6 BIG reasons why:

Heals sunburnYou should wear sunscreen and make sure you spend time in the shade as well as in the sun but sometimes no matter the precautions, our skin is not prepared to handle the sun.

Cures Headaches
The summer weather can certainly bring on more headaches, especially when high pressure gives us that muggy feel before a thunderstorm. Drinking plenty of water is proven to relieve headaches whether they are caused by fatigue, hormones or sinus problems.

Glowing Skin
Achieving that sun kissed look is pretty difficult, not only do you have to make the best of the British weather whilst easing your sun shy skin into the heat you also have to keep your skin fresh and spot free! The best way to get glowing healthy skin isn’t to buy more creams or apply fake tan – it is simply to drink more water! Drinking more water will help with spots, acne and redness and give you that healthy, refreshed glow.

Sporting Performance
Lack of water has a seriously detrimental effect on muscle tissue and muscle performance. If you want to enhance and maximise your performance, or if you even want enough energy to get off the sofa then you have to drink up!

Beach Body
If you are dieting this summer than drinking the correct amount of water will do wonders for your weight loss.

Summer Fun
Beating grumpiness and fatigue and getting into a good mood can be a challenge in the winter but if the sunshine still hasn’t quite done it for you, drinking more water certainly will! Drinking enough water to keep your body fully hydrated and working at optimum levels will drive away fatigue and grumpiness and put you in a sunny mood.

Drink more water the easy way with Aquacool and make sure you experience the benefits this summer.

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