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Welcome To Aquacool

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us. Aquacool has been providing Water Dispensers & Water Coolers since 1993. We have further broadened our services to include purified bottled water.

We serve you Clean & Pure Water using leading technology.
We specialise in water coolers, dispensers, bottled water & Accessories. “Aquacool” water is purified with a world endorsed technology called reverse osmosis. This water is available in 20Litre Lexan polycarbonate bottles & can be dispensed from one of Aquacool’s wide range of dispensers.

As a leading brand of water dispensers and bulk water solutions,
Aquacool offers your family or business convenient ways to live healthier and save money.

Our Water Coolers and Dispensers

Pure Water. Pure Living

Start living a healthy life with our amazing purified water and dispensing solutions.

All of our equipment comes complete with water filters. This is to ensure that we provide you with the most pure healthiest water. We use the most effective and reliable technology available in the industry today. We are proud to offer our clients cleaner and healthier lifestyle solutions. Let us help you bring the healthy properties of purified water to your business and home and let you enjoy healthy purified water any time of the day or night.

Our Product Range

  • Direct Connection Hot & Ice
  • Hot & Ice Dispenser
  • Ambient & Ice Dispenser
  • Hydro Tap
  • Luxury Hydroboil
  • Direct Watercoolers
  • Bottled Water Solutions

Water source and purification

To install the bottle, the bottle is tipped upside down and set onto the cooler; a probe punctures the cap of the bottle and allows the water to flow into the machine’s internal reservoir. These gravity-powered systems have a device to dispense water in a controlled manner. These machines come in different sizes and vary from table units, intended for occasional use to floor-mounted units intended for heavier use. Bottled water normally is delivered to the household or business on a regular basis, where empty bottles are exchanged for full ones. The bottle size varies with the size of the unit, with the larger versions in the US using 5-US-gallon (18.9 L) bottles. This is also the most common size elsewhere, labelled as 18.9 litres in countries that use the metric system. These units usually do not have a place to dump excess water, only offering a small basin to catch minor spills. On the front, a lever or pushbutton dispenses the water into a cup held beneath the spigot. When the water container is empty, it is lifted off the top of the cooler, and automatically seals to prevent any excess water still in the bottle from leaking.

Direct water coolers use tap water and therefore do not need bottles. Usually some method of purification is used.


Filtration methods include reverse osmosis, ion exchange and activated carbon.

A modern water cooler dispensing cold water, hot water and boiling water.

Usually units offer a refrigeration function to chill the water. Some versions also have a second cooler that delivers room-temperature water or even heated water that can be used for tea, hot chocolate or other uses. The water in the alternate hot tap is generally heated with a heating element and stored in a hot tank (much like the traditional hot water heaters used in residential homes). Additionally, the hot tap is usually equipped with a push-in safety valve to prevent burns from an accidental or inadvertent pressing of the lever.


Instant access to cold, hot, or room temperature water with stylish, affordable dispensers.

Our mission is to inspire healthier lives thru better water.  With instant access to ice cold, piping hot, or room temperature water, Aquacool makes it easy for your family or business to reach for a healthier choice.

What purified water does

  • Maintain a normal temperature
  • Lubricate and cushion joints

  • Safeguard your spinal cord and other tissues

  • Remove waste


  • Disruption of mood & cognitive function

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Disruption in heart and kidney function

  • Headaches

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